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The Cacao Farm

Region & Cacao Farm Fundo Qoya

Chazuta – The home of our cacao

Chazuta is a small village in the region of San Martin, Peru, located about an hour south-east of Tarapoto. The village is 250 metres above sea level, right at the foot of the Huallaga River (a branch of the Amazon). Due to its close proximity to the water, boats are the main means of transport. People, animals and products – including cocoa – are transported by water.

Chazuta also has a deep-rooted ancestral culture. One of the oldest cultural assets that is still preserved today is ceramics. It has been recognised as a national cultural heritage for some time now.

Today, cacao cultivation is driving the economic development of the region, creating jobs and thus helping to reduce poverty.

What does single farm cacao mean?

Our Single Farm chocolate is made from sustainably and organically grown cacao beans. Fundo Qoya is the name given to the 15-hectare cocoa farm. The cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried there by hand by our partners. Fundo Qoya carefully cares for the cacao trees and therefore also the cocoa beans, ensuring that they retain their incomparable flavour.

And how is Single Farm Chocolate made?

We buy this raw cacao at fair prices and process it into chocolate in Germany. To allow the cacao to develop its full flavour, we sort the raw beans beans by hand, roast them carefully, break them open and separate them from the shell. The cacao nibs are ready!

We then refine the cacao nibs with beet sugar. We grind the cacao with millstones to achieve a conching effect. Conching is an important process in chocolate production: it grinds the particles of beans and sugar crystals to the desired texture and gives the chocolate its unique flavour. We give the chocolate its silky lustre by tempering it and changing the structure of the cacao butter crystals. In the final step, we mould the chocolate, leave it to cool and package it for you.

Bean to Bar Chocolate

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