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Our Story

Dos Estaciones means two seasons in the tropics – the rain and the dry seasons in which the cacao grows.

I (Corinna) am a German pastry chef who loved chocolate from the first moment I worked with it, or better yet since I was a child. When my partner Alex and I were living in Australia I got the chance to make my first bean to bar with cacao beans from Madagascar.

In this moment, when the stones cracked and crushed the cacao, and the smell of chocolate and acid hit me, I knew that I wanted to work with it. So we traveled through South and Central America to learn more about cacao and it’s origin, environment and the whole process in the farm (Harvest, Fermentation and Drying).

For us it is important to know where our products come from to understand it better.

Cacao is the heart of Dos Estaciones. We chose to work only with cacao in different forms such as beans, shells, cocoa butter and powder. Our intention is to bring cacao closer to you, enjoy its health benefits, and teach people about the wide range of use of it. We love cacao and realized that we can use it more than just in chocolate such as baked goods or Tea.

In August 2018 we arrived the first time to Chazuta, Peru. We fell in love in that very moment. We spend a whole month living and working with the little family of Oliver, Luz and their son Liam, the owners of the plantation. During this time we were able to observe and learn by doing. We started from the harvest to fermentation to the drying, over to packaging and storage of the cacao beans. We realized the value and the high quality of this single farm cacao. By being in the beautiful and special town of Chazuta we learned more than just about cacao we also learned about the local ways and most important we became friends.

One of the reason why we love their cacao is because form the moment that the cacao tree was planted it was always meant to be made into fine chocolate bars.

It became our goal to import this organic fine cacao directly from Chazuta because we want to use it to produce our chocolate and other products.

Through the export ours cacaos in Europa and the transformation this ingredient we feel a connection between you, small and big chocolate makers, the farmers and the locals of Chazuta.

Dos Estaciones works on its transparency and traceability and together with our friends and partners we work for a better future.

We are still profoundly captivated by the taste explosion, the colors and shapes of the tropical cacao fruits and the magic that surrounds them. Our product, design and sharing of our experiences around the world should also help you to understand the journey of the cocoa bean,