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Cacao husk tea, as the name suggests, is made from the husk of the cacao. The cacao beans have a shell that has to be removed during the process to make chocolate, as it cannot be ground as finely as the inside of the bean.

The bowl scores with its chocolaty aroma: perfect for making healthy teas. In addition, the cacao husk contains magnesium, vitamins A and C, fibre, pectin, theobromine and calcium. An all-round package for body and mind.

Our tip: Cacao husk tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

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Cacao husk tea*

*from organic cultivation

70 g

Minimum Shelf-life
12 Months

May contain traces of nuts, lactose and gluten.

Free from aluminium, 40 -60 % Bio based bag

Storage Information
Air-tight packaging. Avoid direct sun and heat exposure.


DE-ÖKO-037, Nicht-EU-Landwirtschaft




Gluten Free


Direct Trade

  • Boil water
  • 3 g (1 tea spoon) in a sieve or give it in a tea bag
  • Pour 230 ml water (approx. 1 cup) over the cocoa husks and leave to infuse for approx. 3 min.
  • Little tips from me: The water should not exceed 80 °C, otherwise it would burn the husk and thus the taste. Tea can also be left to steep longer for a chocolaty aroma.
  • Enjoy a little cup of hot Chazuta, from us, to you.


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