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About Us

I (Corinna) and Alex are the founder of Dos Estaciones. While we were traveling around South and Central America we ended up in the town Chazuta where we lived and worked for a while. We became friends and partners with the owners of the farm and some the locals.

Cacao is a connection between humans, animals and nature

A bit more than two years later we started importing our organic cacao beans directly from that single farm in Chazuta, Peru, to produce our fine chocolate and to use it for our products.

Dos Estaciones wants to connect other small and big chocolate makers and customers in Europe with the cacao and locals of Chazuta so everyone together can work to a sustainable and better future.

We also want to educate our customers and friends to learn more about the process of high quality chocolate, the taste and flavours in chocolate and the health benefits of cacao.

We work with trust, friendship, creativity and love to this particular ingredient: Cacao.