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Unfortunately it is not possible for us to ship our chocolate products at temperatures above 23 degrees Celsius without loss of quality.
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100% Drinking Cacao

Our 100% drinking cacao is our only “drinking chocolate” without sugar. As you can see from the cacao content, this creation consists of just one ingredient and is therefore naturally vegan. The sugar-free chocolate is therefore ideal for diabetics, people who want to avoid certain types of sugar or who want to determine the sweetness level of their favourite cacao themselves. As with our other drinking chocolates, the cacao beans are roasted to a medium roast to achieve a more intense chocolate flavour. They are then peeled, ground and grated. The grated cacao dissolves more easily, does not clump together and does not stick to the bottom of the cup. As this is pure cacao, we have also been able to reduce the amount you need for the best flavour in the recipe. This gives you more cups to enjoy.



from 6,50 

65,00 59,75  / kg







Gluten Free


Direct Trade

Cacao mass*

*from organic cultivation

100 g

Minimum Shelf-life
24 months from date of production

May contain traces of nuts, lactose and gluten.

Aluminium free, 40 – 60% bio based bag (Paper sticker label)

Storage Information
Air-tight packaging. Avoid direct sun and heat exposure.

For this drinking chocolate, we prefer to make it with water instead of milk, but that shouldn’t stop you from using milk or plant-based alternatives.

  • Heat 100 ml water, water should not boil.
  • A little tip from me: It is best not to exceed the maximum temperature of 65 °C, otherwise valuable flavour aromas are lost.
  • Weigh 15g of chocolate into a cup.
  • Pour the milk over the chocolate and foam it up(or stir it well with a spoon).
  • Enjoy a little cup of hot Chazuta, from us, to you.
Nutritional ValuesPer 100 g
Energy2161 kj / 523 kcal
of which Saturates21
of which Sugars40