Merlot meets Cacao

Flavoured wine-based beverage, 13 % vol.

This wine in combination with cacao was produced in collaboration with the Deidesheim Winegrowers’ Association. Matured for 12 months in oak barrels, a Merlot forms the basis of this wonderful cuvée. It was allowed to spend 6 months together with our cacao husks. In addition to the familiar fruity notes of Merlot, this results in a perfect arrangement with the taste of cacao. The first edition of this flavored wine consists of a 2022 Palatinate Merlot.

Contains sulphites.

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The Merlot grape variety was first mentioned in the 14th century and probably originates from France. Merlot is the third most common red wine grape in the world. It prefers deep soils with a good water supply. The early-ripening variety produces fruity and full-bodied wines with a typical aroma of plum, cherry and blackcurrant.

The oldest winegrowers’ association in the Palatinate is particularly keen to inspire its guests with enthusiasm for the cultural asset of “wine”. To this end, they have a vineyard area of around 165 hectares with renowned vineyards around Deidesheim, Forst and Ruppertsberg. Together with their members, they produce around 1.5 million liters of award-winning wines per year.


For the cacao husk, our cacao beans are first sorted by hand and gently roasted. After cooling, they are broken open and the husk is blown out with the help of a winnower. From now on we talk about cacao nibs, the inside of the beans, and cacao husk. This cacao husk is the ingredient that gives the wine a new taste experience.

The Merlot is a 2022 vintage and was matured for a total of 12 months in oak barrels. After 6 months, the husk was added to flavor the red wine with cacao notes.

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