Dear Chocoholics,
Unfortunately it is not possible for us to ship our chocolate products at temperatures above 23 degrees Celsius without loss of quality.
Therefore, we ask for your patience if the climate does not allow shipping right away but of course we will not forget your order and will send it as soon as possible. Thank you Corinna & Alex

Drinking Chocolate & Gin in Preparation Set

The set consists of one of our drinking chocolates (100 g) and the ‘Village of Silence’ Sloe Gin (40 ml). It is packed in a fine black box with a 100% linen ribbon and wood shavings directly from the Lachermeier Carpentry in Beilngries. In addition, there is a suitable recipe for the correct application.

The perfect combination for warm or cold days.



Delivery time: within Germany from 3 to 5 days.

The specialty distillery Brennerei Kniffka is a young family business, only 7 km away from our chocolate manufactory. Since 2017, Veronika and Dominik have been refining their own fruits from their garden and orchard in their newly founded distillery. Their brandies and spirits are not sweetened and contain no artificial flavourings. The flavour comes 100% from the fruits and raw materials used.

Dominik and Veronika from Brennerei Kniffka
Dominik and Veronika from Brennerei Kniffka

The basis for the Sloe Gin (sloe liqueur) is the `Village of Silence` London Dry Gin. Through maceration, the gin extracts the aroma typical of a sloe gin from the sloes. The result, after final refinement, is a liqueur with an unmistakable taste and fruity-dry character.

The combination of the two components drinking chocolate and sloe gin create a round and full-bodied drink.


200 ml Milk, lactose-free milk or milk substitute (such as almond, coconut or oat milk).
30 g 60% or 80% Drinking Chocolate
20 ml Brennerei Kniffka “Village of Silence” Sloe Gin


Heat the milk, do not boil it.

Tip: It is best not to exceed the maximum temperature of 65 °C, otherwise valuable flavours and aromas get lost.

Weigh the chocolate in a cup.

Pour milk over the chocolate and foam or stir well with a spoon.

Tip: The drink can also be enjoyed cold by cooling the drinking chocolate in this step.

Add the gin and foam up again briefly.

Enjoy a little cup of hot Chazuta, from us, to you.