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We obtain our organic certified cacao beans from a plantation in Chazuta, Peru. This plantation belongs to our friends Oliver and Luz. With the support of local farmers, their family business invests a lot of time in improving the harvesting and creating unique fermentation and drying processes, always focusing on the bean’s taste profile. They expect a yearly harvest of only 6 tons of cacao, this makes it unique and special. 

Please let us know if you want to know more about our cacao.

Superfood Cacao 

We love cacao and discovered that it can be used for more than just chocolate. Cacao is a superfood with many antioxidants, zinc and vitamins. For example, cacao shells contains vitamins A and C, fibre, pectin, theobromine, calcium and magnesium. Did you know that you can make an aromatic tea from cacao shells?

Cacao Beans from Chazuta
Cacao Beans from Chazuta

Our Cacao Products

  • Cacao+Salt in refill bags

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    Cacao+Salt & Cacao+Pepper in grinder

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  • Roasted Cacao Nibs (Organic)


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  • Caramelized Cacao Nibs (Organic)


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