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Our Single Farm Chocolate is made from sustainably and ecologically cultivated cacao beans. These are harvested, fermented and carefully dried by our partners Fundo Qoya. Fundo Qoya cares for the cacao beans and ensures that they retain their excellent flavours.

We buy the raw cacao beans at fair prices and process them into chocolate in Germany. To allow the cacao beans to develop its full potential, we sort the raw cacao beans by hand, roast them carefully, break them open and separate them from the shell. The cacao nibs are now ready! 

Then, we refine the cacao nibs with cane sugar. We grind and conch the cacao nibs with millstones. Conching is an important process in the production of chocolate: it grinds the bean particles and sugar crystals to the desired texture and gives the chocolate its unique taste. The chocolate gets its silky shine by tempering it and changing the structure of the cocoa butter crystals. In the last step, we pour the chocolate into a mould, let it cool down and pack it for you.