Christmas Gift Box


Our gift box contains a selection of our product range, lovingly wrapped in a thin paper. Featuring our Christmas Bar, our Gold Winner 60% Chocolate + Chilli and Rosemary, our Bronze Winner 85% Chocolate and our 60% Drinking Chocolate (100g), it’s a little taste journey through our range. In addition, it can be conveniently sent directly to your loved ones or to you.

If you prefer other products, please let us know in the comment.

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The Christmas chocolate is with fine grinded spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. It gives a nice warm feeling for those cold days.


DE-ÖKO-037, Nicht-EU Landwirtschaft




Gluten Free


Direct Trade

  • Warm up 200ml milk. Don’t let the milk boil.
  • A little tip from me: It is best not to exceed the maximum temperature of 65 °C, otherwise valuable flavour aromas are lost.
  • Measure 30g of chocolate into a cup.
  • Pour the milk over the chocolate and foam it up(or stir it well with a spoon).
  • Enjoy a little cup of hot Chazuta, from us, to you.